Buffer tanks

Functional buffer tanks are applied to cooperate with boilers (powered by wood, pellet, gas, oil), heat pumps and in systems intended to recover heat. This is a solution, which separates production of heat and reception of it assuring in this way an optimal operation and maintenance of the installation. This is a solution which enables to adjust quantity of generated heat in relation to consumption of it. In this way costs of heating of an object fall down greatly. Selection of the most optimal model for a particular installation is based on a proper location of a buffer in a diagram and determination of volume of it.

What is a buffer tank intended for?

One of elements of a heating installation (such a hot water storage tanks, solar collectors etc.) is a heat pump which is intended to pump heating water (or other liquid) in order to enable proper operation of a system.

During use of the installation the pump operates constantly, switching on and off, which makes parts of the device get damaged step by step (e.g. compressor). What is more, a pump of great capacity consumes a lot energy to operate and consequently, it generates high costs.

Buffer tank limits frequency of on/off switching of the heat pump. Hence, it protects it from getting damaged as a result of intensive operation. Moreover, it limits consumption of the energy.

How does a buffer tank work?

The buffer tank separates a source of the heat from its recipients by collecting of surplus of the heating water – in other words it protects the hot water installation by absorption of a difference between the heating power of a boiler and a power transferred to the heating system.

The tank is properly insulated. In this way water stored by it is protected from cooling down. The heat pomp starts only when temperature of the water in the tank drops. Hence, cycles of pump’s operation are long. It switches on and off more rarely and can operate at a particular time at its rated power irrespective of current need for heating water.

Buffer tank by METALBET can operate under maximal pressure equal 0.6 MPa.

Advantages of the METALBET buffer tank

METALBET buffer tanks are very popular devices in the Polish market. Buffer tank is characterized by:

  • reliable structure – the tank is made from black, strong steel sheet,
  • maximal life span and durable anti-corrosion protection – the tank is coated by equal, thick layer of paint resistant to corrosion and splintering,
  • great thermal insulation and mechanical durability – applied polyurethane foam, 5 cm thick, reinforces external layer of the tank and efficiently protects water inside the tank from quick cooling,
  • aesthetic external look – additional external artificial leather ensures protection from decrease in temperature and it warrants good appearance of the tank itself,
  • full safety of use,
  • versions with insulation and without it available,
  • low price,
  • 3 year guarantee.

Even if an investment in the buffer tank may seem to be expensive at the beginning, after calculation of expenses on the electric energy and related necessity of replacement of damaged heat pump, it turns out to be a reasonable solution. Buffer tanks, in a long-time perspective make savings and minimize a risk of replacement of a pump which is also very expensive since purchase of a new unit and assembly of it are necessary.