Water heaters

Water heaters, commonly called water storage heaters, are the most popular hot utility water tanks and exchangers applied if:

  • there is a need for quick heating and storage of hot water for livelihood needs (cooking, washing etc.),
  • there is no possibility to connect to a municipal water network or such a connection would be disadvantageous.

Wide range of hot utility water tanks and exchangers enables us to adjust type of a boiler to varied types of heat sources such as water storage heaters powered by solid fuels, gas, oil, low-temperature storage heaters, hydronic heating fireplace systems, heat pumps or solar collectors.

We invite you to familiarize with detailed catalog of water heaters by METALBET. Final choice of a water heater depends on many factors. If you are not sure which of our heaters is better for you let us advise you.

METALBET offers the following types of water heaters:

  • Hot water storage vessels without a coil (U shaped heating element)
  • Hot utility water exchanger with a single coil
  • Hot utility water exchanger with a double coil
  • Hot utility water exchanger, double jacket