Industrial boilers

Recently we have extended our catalog by large-power boilers with a feeder and flooded boiler a with wide range of powers from 75kW to 300kW.

Boilers: Power Max and Basic Max are an ideal solution for owners of buildings characterized by a large area to be heated up. They perfectly well fit blocks of flats, schools, kindergartens and public utility buildings. Every boiler is adjusted to individual needs of a client and specificity of a boiler room.

Our high power boilers are made from attested high quality boiler steel, 8 mm to 10 mm thick, which assures high reliability of a product and great safety of operation.

Basic Max is equipped with a steel feeder.

Power Max is characterized by a large combustion chamber.

Our products are equipped with control sets adjusted to mode of operation in a way comfortable for a person, who operates a boiler.