Automatic boilers

Boilers with a feeder of coal or eco-pea coal are more and more popular because comfort they offer. Combustion in such boilers is simple and it does not require much effort and time. In “simple” boilers, load of fuel is sufficient just for a few hours of operation but properly adjusted container is able to ensure up to a few days of operation when loaded fully.

Boilers with a feeder are powered by electric engine, hence they require electric power. Fuel feeding speed and intensity of a blow are controlled automatically and the entire system is managed by a controller which analyses data on the grounds of readouts from varied sensors. In case there is not electricity, it is possible to combust a fuel traditionally by means of an auxiliary grate (if the system enables such an operation).

In our boilers one may also use a gutter-shape burner which is also adjusted to combust pellet.

An important property which attention should be paid to is height of a storage bin since too high one may hamper loading of fuel.