Hydra Basic

Central heating boiler Hydra Classic, with a screw conveyor, cooperates with gravity central heating water system or open circuit forced circulation.

The boiler is available in a few variants of dimensions and thermal efficiency, hence, area it is intended for.

Varied types of the Hydra Basic boiler meet expectations of owners of single family houses, smaller and larger ones, as well as owners of utility buildings and workshops, skyscrapers, factories and other buildings.

Equipment of the Hydra Basic boiler METALBET

– fireplaces – automatic (granulation of fuel up to 25mm) and traditional (every type of solid fuel),
– factory mounted blowing system along with control,
– universal feeder (left, right),
– cast iron grates (replacement fireplace)
– universal door (right/left),

– analogous thermometer,

– cast iron burner and screw,

– advanced controller servicing 2 pumps,

– exchanger made from certified boiler steel, cat. P265GH, 6 mm.,

– 45o angle connection with a chimney

Advantages of Hydra Basic boiler METALBET Basic

– cast iron – possibility to burn eco-pellet and coal powder

– replacement fireplace – it provides an possibility to apply all types of solid fuels such as eco-pellet, energy powder, nut shells, hard coal, wood etc.,
– reliable structure – the tank is made from certified steel boiler sheet, cat. P265GH, 6 mm thick, protected from thermal loss by insulation,
– great thermal-insulation rate and mechanical durability – thermal insulation made from non-asbestos mineral wool 40 mm thick. enables to limit thermal loss maximally,
– full safety of use,
– high aesthetics and interesting colors (gray-orange),
– low price and high quality of the product,
– 60 month of guarantee for heat exchanger tightness,

– 24 month guarantee for remaining elements

Hydra Basic 15 20 25
Extent of heating (kW) 4,5-15 6,0-20 7,5-25
Heating area (m2) 1,5 2,0 2,5
Area of heated rooms (m2) do 150 do 200 do 250
One-time fuel load (kg) 150
Max. working pressure (bar) 1,5
Required fumes draught (Pa) 23 26 28
Mass of a boiler (kg) 406 419 443
Water capacity of the boiler (L) 78 83 88
Section of chimney (cmxcm) 14×14 14×14 15×15
Diameter of chimney (ø mm) 180
Min. height of chimney (m) 7 7,5 8
Width (mm) 1123 1273 1250
Depth (mm) 820 820 820
Height (mm) 1346 1346 1346
Boiler effectivity 87,2%
Diameter of supply and return Dn (cal) 1,5
Temp. of water at the supply min./max. (oC) 65/85
Power (V/Hz) ~230/50
Power consumption (W) 177
A – height of bottom edge of smoke conduit (mm) 1235


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